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I am a licensed psychotherapst and integrative life coach specializing in anxiety and depression, relationship distress, and issues involving self-esteem, motivation, self-sabotaging behaviors and the lingering impact of developmental trauma.

My approach is rooted in the belief that each of us has an innate capacity to heal, grow and thrive. Psychotherapy is an opportunity to access deep inner strengths and resiliencies, to become un-stuck and move forward in life with vitality and ease.

I am trained in a range of therapeutic techniques and utilize an eclectic approach based on indivdual needs. I integrate traditional modalities with experiential and body-centered approaches that incorporate emerging understandings about neuroplasticity and how the brain changes. Beyond traditional talk therapy I will help you to have a new and fuller experience of your self. I am committed to my own growth, personally and professionally, and continually seek out and train with innovators in the field.

Certified AEDP Therapist  *  Certified EFT Therapist 
Level 3 EMDR Therapist  *  Certified Integrative Life Coach


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